Weld Engineer

Company Name:
Career Development Partners
Company Profile:
A well-established company that has been in existence for over 90 years
For the last twenty-five plus years, they have been 100% employee owned
Recognized through-out Ohio and nationally for their outstanding work and dedication to our Military.
Employ over 400 employees worldwide
Global manufacturer
Features and benefits this company offers:
Have popcorn Thursdays for all employees
ESOP opportunities
Life Insurance for both you and your family members
Education Assistance
Scholarships to employee children
Propane Tank Refills
Health Fairs on Site
Reward program for hitting health care goals
On-site nurse that is available to employee and family
Information about the community:
Located in Wayne County and is approximately twenty miles southwest of Akron, OH and approximately fifteen miles from Canton/Massillon, OH., home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Orrville is also about a one hour drive from downtown Cleveland and about one and a half hours from downtown Columbus.
Also the home of The J.M. Smuckers Company
Total population of about 8,500 people.
Orrville schools are ranked on a scale of one to ten at a seven.
There is also a branch of the University of Akron located in Orrville.
The Welding Engineer develops and certifies welding methods and welders. These encompass specifying welding processes and parameters, developing written procedures, developing welding fixtures, developing training syllabi for welders and inspectors, and certifying welders and inspectors.
Background Profile:
Prefer 1-3 years of experience as a Weld Engineer
AutoCAD experience in facility layout as well as fixture design is required. You will be leading weld tooling (Fixtures) designs and construction, considering human factors in mistake avoidance (Polk Yoke) and productivity. Formally approves new or repaired/modified welding tooling release for production use.
Experience establishing welding procedures specifications (WPS's) to guide production and welding personnel relating to; specified voltage, wire type/size/feed speed, and cover gas mix and flow rate; specification restrictions, material processes, pre-and post-heating requirements which involve use of complex alloys, unusual fabrication methods, welding of critical joints, and complex post heating requirements.
Directs and coordinates technical personnel in performing inspections and audits to ensure workers' compliance with established welding specifications, procedures, restrictions, and standards; in testing welds for conformance with customer and national code requirements; in qualification of weld procedures and retention of related records (PQR's); or training and testing welding personnel for certification.
Demonstrated knowledge of MS Office products including, Excel, MS Word and Power Point.
Knowledge and experience working with a MRP systems.

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