Wide web flexo operator will pay relocation

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JOB DUTIES: Perform diversified duties to break down and prepare digital files and artwork for flexographic Printing. Reviewing customer or designer supplied artwork & Files, Dissecting the supplied files to make them Flexographic Printing friendly, Instructing the Graphics Company how the file needs top be separated for the best possible Flexographic Printing results that will meet the established customer specifications and requirements, Ensuring the proper cylinders and layouts will fit the needs of our Printing Presses, Producing internally generated work orders and change forms. Customer specifications may include and are not limited to any of the following: spelling, grammar, minimum type point size, step around, step across, surface print, reverse print, trapping, line screen, eye mark size, location & color, upc verification and other various proofing, and or plating and printing specifications. Other similar duties pertaining to pre-press layout activities. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of Flexographic printing and the separation of Flexographic art files. Knowledge of all Adobe, Photoshop and desktop publishing software.The ability to make quick and accurate decisions on the proper separation of artwork and files provided by the customers and artists. Flexographic Printing & Flexographic Pre-press workflow knowledge, good math skills, ability to make accurate measurements in decimals and customer Service Skills.
Company will pay relocation.
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